Below is a list of committee persons each pricinct. If you would like to speak to that person, notify Dave Wallace on the "Contact Us" page and he will facilitate communication.

Allison Twp - Dianne Mills

Bald Eagle Twp - Jere Crissman

Beech Creek Borough - Melvin B Coakley

Beech Creek Borough - Carol A Coakley

Beech Creek Twp - Susan Gunsallus

Castanea Twp - David W Wallace

Castanea Twp - Emma J Wallace

Chapman Twp - Jack O'Toole

Chapman Twp - Dionne G Werts

Colebrook Twp - Edward Clawson

Colebrook Twp - Kathy Blesh

East Noyes Twp - Charles F Graw

East Noyes Twp - Christine H Graw

Flemington Borough - Donald G Walker

Flemington Borough - Catherine Shope

Greene Twp - Ralph E Brungart

Greene Twp - Kay Madden

Lamar - Elsie LaRose

Leidy Twp - Alice G Ransdorf

Lock Haven 3rd Ward - Horace F Hanna Jr

Lock Haven 3rd Ward - Susan K Hanna

Lock Haven 4th Ward - Alan D Black

Lock Haven 4th Ward - Angela Black

Lock Haven 5th Ward - Don Powers

Logan Twp - Marion Koch

Mill Hall Borough - Toni Tomasi

Mill Hall Borough - Lee Karchner

Pine Creek 1 - Dean Reynolds III

Pine Creek 1 - Cheryl Reynolds

Pine Creek 2 - Dennis Greenaway

Pine Creek 2 - Bonita Hannis

Porter Twp - Elaine Miller

Renovo East Ward - Damon M Wagner

Renovo East Ward - Suellen Wagner

Renovo Middle Ward - David L Moore

Renovo Middle Ward - Diana Moore

Renovo West Ward - Richard C Thompson

Renovo West Ward - Cheryl C Thompson

Wayne Twp - Roxanne Embick

Wayne Twp - Chuck Yorks

West Keating Twp - Thomas Heichel

West Keating Twp - Beate Day

Woodward Twp - Adam C Coleman

Woodward Twp - Kimberly Coleman