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The American Recovery and  Reinvestment Act


is an unprecedented effort to jumpstart our economy, create or save millions of jobs, and put a down payment on addressing long-neglected challenges so our country can thrive in the 21st century. The Recovery and Reinvestment Act is an extraordinary response to a crisis unlike any since the Great Depression.  With much at stake, the Act provides for unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability so that you will be able to know how, when, and where your tax dollars are being spent. Spearheaded by a new Recovery Board, this Act contains built-in measures to root out waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary spending. This website,, will be the main vehicle to provide each and every citizen with the ability to monitor the progress of the recovery.


As the centerpiece of the President's commitment to transparency and accountability, will feature information on how the Act is working, tools to help you hold the government accountable, and up-to-date data on the expenditure of funds.


The site will include information about Federal grant awards and contracts as well as formula grant allocations. Federal agencies will provide data on how they are using the money, and eventually, prime recipients of Federal funding will provide information on how they are using their Federal funds.  On our end, we will use interactive graphics to illustrate where the money is going, as well as estimates of how many jobs are being created, and where they are located. And there will be search capability to make it easier for you to track the funds.


The first incarnation of features projections for how, when, and where the funds will be spent -- which states and sectors of the economy are due to receive what proportion of the funds. As money starts to flow, far more data will become available.


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Governor Edward Rendell's Statement


Welcome to Pennsylvania's Web site dedicated to transparency and to providing our citizens with information regarding billions of federal stimulus dollars the Commonwealth will receive under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


The Federal stimulus bill makes it possible for Pennsylvania to meet the economic relief and recovery goals for our families that I proposed recently in my budget address. First and foremost, we will put more of our citizens to work and keep many more who are currently working in their jobs. But this money helps us accomplish other worthy goals, such helping us achieve energy independence, increasing access to and lowering the cost of healthcare and improving public schools while stabilizing property taxes.


This Web site will provide citizens with access to the decision making process on how the stimulus funds will be spent.  It will also allow you to track how the funds are spent, where they are spent and contract details on who received stimulus funds, how much and what outcomes those funds are expected to achieve.


This on-line tracking system is linked to the Commonwealth's accounting system, so every dime we spent will be available for citizens to see - not simply that we spent the funds, but for what and how much.


Citizens can also use this Web site to get quarterly updates and track if we are meeting the goals of the stimulus - for instance in the case of a transportation project; did we repair the bridge on time and how many jobs were created by doing so?


I hope this Web site is helpful to you and makes our process understandable and transparent.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve it going forward, please do not hesitate to contact us with your thoughts.




Edward G. Rendell, Governor


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